Monday, September 28, 2015

4 Trainers, 3 Areas, 2 Countries, and 23 Weeks Later

I'M FINALLY DONE WITH TRAINING! I don't think anyone understands how stinking happy I am! For missionaries there is a program called "The First 12 Weeks" that is a training program for the first 12 weeks in the field. I've done it twice. I was literally being "trained" for the first 23 weeks I was in the field. TWENTY THREE! Needless to say, I'm super grateful to be done with that. 

On to the next piece of news. TRANSFERS! We got a transfer call! Sister Henrique Lima: continuing in Ponta da Praia. Sister McEldowney: CONTINUING IN PONTA DA PRAIA! Also, we're now in a trio! The two of us stayed, and we're now in a trio with Sister Mendez. I'm up for the challenge!

Truly, I can't remember a whole lot from this week. It was a lot of street contacting and trying to contact formers. Welcome to the real life of a missionary: trying to find golden investigators after you baptized all of yours. 

Oh wait! Can we all take a second to appreciate that General Conference is this weekend?!?!?!?! I'm through the roof! We get to hear from the prophet! People, we have a living prophet who receives revelation directly from God for us. He receives revelation for us, right now! We are so blessed to have a living prophet and to be able to hear from him and the apostles every six months.

I'm so stoked for conference and can't wait to watch it. I hope you all take the opportunity to watch it. I promise you that you will not be disappointed. 

Well, there's the week that Sister McEldowney had. Hope you all have a great week! And don't forget about General Conference!

Amo Sempre,
Sister McEldowney

P.S. I can't send pictures from this computer, but I will next week

From the keeper of this blog -

Just in case you're interested in watching General Conference, I've included a couple of links below. The first is a brief history of General Conference and the second is the link to stream it live from The link to stream it live is on the splash page typically the day before the sessions (there are 4 - 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday) are scheduled to begin. They are broadcast from Salt Lake at both days 10-12 and 2-4 Mountain Standard Time. Hope all is well where you are!

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