Monday, August 22, 2016

The Final Chapter

The final chapter has come to an end. My last transfer has officially ended and I'm closing the book. Ask me if it feels real. Because it doesn't. In moments here and there, it has hit me, but I don't think it will feel real until I'm getting off the plane.

In true missionary fashion, I'm going to end my last email in the mission with my testimony.

I was reflecting a lot recently about my time as a missionary. Eighteen months have flown by, but I'm extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to serve as a representative of Jesus Christ. In that time, I've noticed a huge change in myself. That change is something that has only happened because of my time as a missionary.

I know the power that missions have and am truly grateful for everything I've passed through: both the good and bad. I will never regret serving my mission and will be eternally grateful for the life lessons I've learned.

"You'll never regret serving a mission, but you might regret not serving one."

I testify of the validity of that statement.

I love you all!

And, for the last time,
Amo Sempre,
Sister McEldowney

Monday, August 15, 2016

Ending with a BANG!

It's not every missionary that turns 21 a week before they end their mission. 
How lucky am I?!

With that privilege being all mine, I had the opportunity to spend my birthday was some very special people! Being in Bertioga for my birthday was an answer to prayers. I got to celebrate with some incredible members, including one family who I can't thank enough for making my day so special! A surprise party was exactly what this sister missionary needed and was not at all expecting. 

Seeing as how I never have a whole lot of time, I just wanted to send pictures from my fabulous birthday celebration and tell everyone that I'm older, hopefully wiser, but without a doubt more grateful than ever before. I love being a missionary and am more grateful every day for the opportunity that I have had to serve as a full-time resprentative of Jesus Christ and gain all the resources I need to continually become more like Him.

Have a great week!

Amo Sempre,

Sister McEldowney

Birthday buddy! Feliz Aniversário Yasmim!

Companheira! Te Amo!

PAR-TAY! Woot woot!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Because I Have No Time...Again!

From the keeper of this blog -
We went on vacation and missed posting for July 25 and we didn't get anything this last week other than our family email. Hope all is well where you are! Here's July 25's post. It's all pictures.

Reunited...for a day haha!

Pizza on the bus!

São João...a month later! But, I learned how to dance forró!