Thursday, December 10, 2015

So behind...crazy computer viruses!

From the keeper of this blog -

We've had computer difficulties galore since Thanksgiving. This blog entry is going to include all the ones I've missed in the interim.
Not A Whole Lot to Say 
November 23, 2015

I'm just going to send the pictures that have been backing up because this week was a lot of walking, trying to work with members, and teaching our three solid investigators. Enjoy the pictures!

1. Meet my friends...who are all home now. Weird...I miss them...
2. Meet my new companion! She's from Peru. She's really nice and a super good missionary.

November 23, 2015

I got a package this week and I may have felt like a little kid at Christmas!

AMERICAN FOOD GALORE! #MintOreos #CANDY #purejoy #MissingHashtags #MissingJimmyFallon Ok, I'm done now haha!

I May Have Waited Until the Last Minute...Again
November 30, 2015

A Chance to Cook and a Chance to be Trunky
December 7, 2015

So, I have basically no time and apparently am learning really well from my lovely MTC companion to write some real quick bullet points for everyone. (Thank you Sister Aston! Glad I'm not in this alone! Hahaha)

Anyway, I'll explain the title and send pictures. Pode ser? Perfeito!
  • So the sisters in the ward where I am serving generally feed us every day for lunch. If they don't give us food, they give money. We're poor missionaries and everything they do helps us a ton! Well, this week we had a lot of the sisters not be able to receive us in their homes, so guess who cooked a lot this week! This sister missionary! The good thing is that I love love love to cook and it gave me a chance to try out some new things. This is totally preparation for when I'm a mom and have to cook every day regardless of anything.
  • We found a Mexican restaurant in our area! Guess what else! IT'S AUTHENTIC! The family that owns the restaurant is Mexican! They're from Cancun. We ate there on Friday night and I was in heaven! I totally got trunky thought because they starting speaking Spanish and we talked all about Mexican things and I just cried tears of happiness because I felt like it was home. They're the sweetest little family too and I think I have new friends. It was great! 
  • We baptized an incredible man who was so prepared for the gospel. I'm starting to realize that quality baptisms are much more worthwhile than the quantity of baptisms. Both are the best, but I'd rather have 1 super solid baptism, one super solid convert, than 50 more-or-less. 
Ok, I'm out of time and really need to send this! Love you all!

-Sister McEldowney

PS. 18 days to Christmas! Watch this - Christmas

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