Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A Week of Changes

Everything is changing here in Missão Brasil Santos! For a girl who's never liked change all that much, I'm doing alright!

First off, we're going to meet our new mission president tomorrow! How I already got to this point in my mission that I'm sending off my president and getting a new one beats me, but it's happening!

Also, my friends are all getting transferred and leaving me in Bertioga, but it's ok, because I adore my companion and am secretly praying that she's my last companion. We'll see if that works out!

Lastly, I'm starting to see the difference that missions make. Without a doubt, I will always be that crazy Kayla that a majority of you have come to know (and either put up with or love), but I'm a different person now than I was 16 months ago. At least, I feel different. 

Well, I'm tired and probably not making sense now.

But, sending lots of love to wherever you are!

Sister McEldowney

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