Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A favor...

From the keeper of this blog -

At the bottom of our family email this week Kayla requested,

"I have no time left. Could you write on my blog that I'll write next week??"


Also from the keeper of this blog -

I don't think Kayla would mind if I included something from her family email here. It's so representative of her, the strength of her testimony, and the love she has for her brother.

She was able to call home on Mother's Day. It's so neat chatting face to face with a missionary. During that call, she challenged Justin to share something from his daily scripture study with her in our family's weekly email. She's been much more diligent than he has, but this last week he (we) finally remembered his commitment and he shared something from the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon. This was her response:

"I love Alma!

Want to know what I read? I read in Mosiah 25 when Alma baptizes Zoram and talks about the power of the scriptures. When we read the scriptures and find ways to apply them to our lives, we are using them for what they were written for! 

How do you apply the scriptures to your life? What is one thing that you learned in the scriptures that taught you an important lesson?

I love you Justin! Keep reading, praying, and obeying! Those things will prepare you to be a missionary!"

These two have always had a close relationship. I love that about them. And I love that Kayla's such an incredible mentor and example for the little brother who loves her to pieces!

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