Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Love I Didn't Know I Had

I love Brasil so much! Every passing day gives me something new to love! Whether it be the crazy and wonderful sisters I live with, the incredibly spiritual experiences, the pure beauty, the kindness of people, the interesting stories, EVERYTHING! I seriously feel so blessed to be serving in such a great place! Heavenly Father knew exactly what I needed when He assigned me to serve in Missão Brasil Santos! I love it here!

Alright, I have very little time and am writing in an Internet House where I can't send pictures, so I apologize in advance. I'll make up for it next week though (:

Nothing really happened. I colored, so that was cool. Also, I talked to a lot of people, but I do that every day.

We have an investigator, Lourdes, who is the mother of a menos ativo (less active member) and she is so solid! She asked us for her own copy of O Livro de Mórmon and is so stinking excited to have us come teach her! I love her tons!

We also went to acompanhar (follow up) André e Flávia (who are our 2 other solid investigators) and when we got there, they told us they hadn't read O Livro de Mórmon lately and so Sister McEldowney here got to use everything she's been learning the past 5 months and I asked them if we could read with them. They said yes! Woohoo! That's not even the most exciting part! I INTRODUCED THE SCRIPTURE, READ, AND APPLIED IT TO THEIR LIFE!!!! IRA was applied in my missionary life and in português too! Life is so grand!

Reunião de districto (district meeting)! I love them so much! My district is awesome! It's even better because I speak enough now that I can participate, and laugh when someone says something funny. I never thought I'd be so excited to hear someone's really cheesy missionary humor! I've hit that point though.

I had to go to Santos and I made it safely. Guess what else? I WAS REUNITED WITH SISTER ASTON FOR A NIGHT! Sister McEldowney heaven! Pictures will follow next week.

I'm now officially in Brasil legally! After spending all day in Santos at the Federal Police station I am legal and very pleased with life! Woohoo! 

Lourdes made us um bolo de brigadeiro e moreno (a chocolate cake, I think). Heaven again! She also committed to read more than we left and go to church!

Lourdes came to church! We did weekly planning too so nothing new to report for Sunday.

I love you all and have no time left!

Have a wonderful week!

Amo sempre,
Sister McEldowney

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