Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One Week Down!

From the keeper of this blog, Sister McEldowney asked me to clarify anything that might need clarifying for those of you who haven't served a mission.

1. The MTC stands for Missionary Training Center.

2. Missions are divided into geographical zones that are then divided geographically into districts comprised of companionships.

3. MTC training to serve in your actual mission is accomplished through A LOT of role playing. The "investigators" below are likely other missionaries or MTC teachers.

Sorry for the delay with this post. We missed getting this first email due to an email address input error. Two weeks in one is happy thing, though, right?
Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hi all!

So, missionary life is basically the greatest thing ever! I have the greatest companion ever, the greatest district ever, and I think I might even have to say I'm learning the greatest language ever! I seriously love it here so much! The MTC is just such a wonderful place!

So, relatively quick recap of my last week. 

Wednesday was crazy! I got whisked away as soon as I got to the MTC and followed my host sisters (basically my personal welcoming committee) blindly. I got my name-tag, which made everything so real and so amazing, got my language stuff, put my stuff in my room and was off to class! 

I walked into the class and the first thing I see and hear was this short, crazy stranger speaking to me in some strange language! Honestly, the only thing I could think was "What the what?!" It was so intimidating!

We were in class for a few hours, then we had dinner and went to this workshop where all the Elders and Sisters who got to the MTC that day taught three different investigators as a group. The coolest thing happened though! Our second investigator had a grandmother who was having health issues and was kind of curious about the church and stuff, and all of a sudden a thought popped into my head to ask her if we could all kneel down and say a special prayer for her grandmother. There is no way it was my idea. The Holy Ghost was totally behind that and the Spirit in that room was so strong after that! Being a missionary and having those experiences is my favorite thing ever!

Thursday we met our branch presidency and got to know our district really well! Super quick breakdown of my district:
Elder Heiner- Glorified lumberjack and self-proclaimed hipster
Elder Efros- newest member of the Jimmy Fallon Best Friend Club
Elder Kime- Piano master who believes Provo is "the promised land"
The three elders have decided they're tri-pinheros (Portuguese spelling...sorry!)
Sister Aston- GREATEST COMPANION EVER! I love her! She's so "ew!"
Sister Anderson-Funniest quiet person you'll ever meet!
Sister Perkins- My Southern California buddy! So funny and so wonderful!
Sister Gines- The spiritual giant from the least spiritual place in the world...Vegas! Haha!
Sister Bingham- Sweetest spirit and cutest little thing ever!
I seriously love my district so much!

We had gym time for the first time! I never thought I'd enjoy working out so much in my life! I look forward to it every day now! I also made a new friend that day who is now a part of the best friend club with Sister Aston and me :D

Oh my goodness, my teacher also told us the funniest story about a disappearing house! I guess he went to teach a family and they had an appointment to come back the next day and when they got there, the entire house was gone! How does that even happen?! What the what?!

We also taught out first lesson...in Portuguese! The Gift of Tongues is real people! There is no way after two days I should have been able to teach an entire lesson, but we did it! It was such a spiritual, and humbling, experience.

We were in class for forever and a day. We also taught our second lesson. In Portuguese again. I'll learn the celestial language eventually haha!

Meeting after meeting, after meeting! I was so tired that the entire day was just kind of a blur, so all I remember were the mass amounts of meetings and watching Meet the Mormons that night. Longest day ever!

Oh, we also took a walk up to the temple. That was cool. Really hot though haha.

We taught our third lesson to our investigator! We taught o Plano de Salvacao (Plan of Salvation) and I got to use my little cut-outs! the language started flowing and we touched our investigator's heart! The Spirit was seriously so strong and it was incredible! Sister Aston and I were even able to speak in complete, Portuguese sentences! It was such a blessing. 

so far I've done my laundry and emailed, but I GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE TODAY! Holy cow! I'm so stoked!

Well, I love you all!
Please feel free to write me! dearelder.com is the greatest and mail is seriously a delicacy here!

Sister Kayla Raven McEldowney
2009 N 900 E Unit 101
Provo, UT 84602

Alright, I love you all!

-Sister McEldowney

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