Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dois semanas!

From the keeper of this blog:

1. Street contacting is where missionary companionships approach people on the street and offer to share a specific message gospel with them.

2. Zone Sister Training Leaders are sister missionaries asked to work with other sisters to help them develop as missionaries. It is a privilege and a sign of a good missionary to be asked to fulfill this responsibility.

Oi tudos! I have finished dois semanas! :D

I'll try to make this rundown slightly shorter than last week, but no promises!

Temple day! I love the temple and was so excited to go as a zone to do an endowment session. Temples are the greatest and I love that no matter what temple you're in, you know you're doing the same work. Just like church! No matter where you go, the LDS church is always the same (:
I also sang in the MTC Choir which was FANTASTIC! This little singer was one VERY happy camper!

We had a service project at 6:15AM. Sister McEldowney over here is still not a morning person. I'm pretty sure the girl running the service thought I hated her because my resting annoyed face was totally on that morning. I felt bad, but she also talked a lot and no wants to hear about your morning routine at 6:15 hahaha! 
Other than that, it was a lot of sitting in class. Our zone leaders did share the zone motto though: "Hoje Pode!" It's supposed to mean "Today you can," but they used the wrong form of 'can' so that was pretty hilarious.
Starting week two, things that aren't that funny become hilarious. I wouldn't blame y'all if you thought I was crazy after some of these emails :p

FIRST BAPTISM COMMITMENT! We had been teaching this "investigator" named Samuel. He started with absolutely no faith in Jesus Christ and didn't believe in God. The Spirit was obviously the true teacher because our Portuguese still isn't all that great, but by the end of the 5th lesson, we committed him to baptism! YAY! One more soul brought unto Christ!

SURPRISE! Samuel is now our second teacher! His name isn't actually Samuel (well maybe it is, I haven't quite figured that out yet), his name is Irmao Staples. He's the greatest! He was giving us constructive criticism about our lessons and even though I can barely speak Portuguese, he made me feel like I had just won an Olympic medal. Way to go Irmao Staples!
Speaking of that though, he talked to us a lot about our purpose as a missionary and how inspired the system is, so for those of you who feel so inclined, whip out your scriptures and read Doctrine and Covenants section 31. SO GREAT! For those of you who don't have the scriptures I'm talking about and are curious as to what I'm rambling on about, lds.org has you covered (:

Just to keep it short. We did mock street contacting and I realized that I could actually carry on a conversation in Portuguese! Oh! We also talked about these amazing scriptures! It's been a very spiritual week (:
Doctrine and Covenants 88:63
Jacob 4:7
Ether 12:27
Seriously people, great scriptures. If you're at all intrigued, either open up your scriptures or look them up on lds.org (:

Sister Aston and I have been called to serve as the zone Sister Training Leaders :D Super excited to serve in this calling! We also had an amazing sacrament and Sunday School! Thoughts from that will come next week.

Got letters from some great people! Thank you Mom, Carson City McEldowneys, Tiffany, and Holly! Other who wrote me, I got it earlier this week and will reply ASAP (:

I love you all and can't wait to keep hearing from you!

Love Sempre,
Sister McEldowney


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